Finally! The fitness journal of your dreams!

12 week fitness journal designed to help you mindfully and consistently pursue and achieve your fitness goals  

THE Features

Move With Purpose
Mindset & Movement Journal

  • Vegan Leather Cover
  • Clean, Minimalist Design
  • Gold Coil Binding
  • Size: 5 ¾” x 8 ¼”     
  • # of pages: 230 pages
  • Paper: 120 GSM - beautiful thick card stock for zero bleed through
  • Bookmark included- a lovely frosted plastic, a sturdy way to keep your place

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How it works


Dive deep into your true motivations with the 7 Levels Deep Exercise. This powerful tool will help you uncover the core reasons behind your fitness journey, ensuring you stay committed and inspired every step of the way.

Why This Matters:

Because the lack of a strong mindset—a profound "Why"—is the real reason most people feel stuck, unable to push past challenges and keep going when progress seems slow.


 Learn how to set meaningful and achievable goals that align with your profound Why and your vision for the person you want to become. 


Mindset Mastery: Each week begins with a heartfelt chapter designed to guide you in breaking through limiting beliefs, embracing your personal truths, and redefining what health and movement mean to you.

 These chapters will inspire and challenge you, cultivating the positive and empowering mindset you need to sustain lifestyle changes.


plan, move, reflect

PLAN: Start each week with clarity and purpose. This page allows you to schedule your workouts and action steps, ensuring you stay on track and organized.

MOVE: Effortlessly track your workouts with 5 days’ worth of dedicated movement logs. These logs include space for gratitude and affirmations, keeping your mindset positive and focused throughout your fitness journey.

REFLECT: Each week will end with an invitation to sit back and reflect on the past week, celebrate your wins, learn from your challenges, recommit to your goals, and reconnect with your profound Why. 

you are craving real change in your body, soul and lifestyle but are lost on how to get there in a way that sticks

you desire more self love and life abundance but are feeling weighed down by insecurity and failure

You need a mindset switch.
You’ve tried all the diets and fitness challenges but they leave you feeling more like a failure than success. 

this journal is for you if:

this journal is not: 

  • A step-by-step playbook on how to get the body of your dreams
  • There is no fitness plan or  meal plan included. We provide some recommendations but the fitness program you decide to follow is entirely up to you

GRAB YOUR journal:

  • A 12 week fitness tracker
  • A tool designed to help you mindfully and consistently pursue your fitness goals 
  • It will teach you HOW to shift your mindset away from body shame, unworthiness, self punishment and strict restriction towards that of self love, nurture, self acceptance, accountability and perseverance.  

this journal is:  

you are in control

than a life controlled  by body shame, fear and insecurities


made for more

You were

The results

at the end of 12 weeks, you will:

know how to set goals with intention

discover your profound Why- the real and raw reason you want to go on this fitness journey

gain clarity over any hidden preconceived notions you may have had about your own body

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel courageous to try new things

adopt a new framework when pursuing a health goal- where love is the foundation  

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